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Human Element of Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2750 words

Human Element of Project Management - Essay Example

Many of the organizations have segregated the change process as the summation of small projects and then take project-based management model to accomplish tasks related to these small projects. According to Melbourne (2003), organizations must develop project management approach in accordance with resource capabilities such as financial resources, human capital, technological capability etc. Careful analysis of the research work of previous research scholars shows that change management and project management is interlinked whereas human elements play significant role in ensuring the success of both the model. Such exhilarating nature of relationship between change management, project management and role of human element has influenced the researcher to dig deep on the topic and understand how these three verticals are interlinked. Focus of this essay has been summarized in the next section. This essay will try to shed some light on role of leadership in driving, managing and directing change process.

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